Charlotte Mason Methode


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  1. Hi,

    I’m Egyptian live in Kuwait ans I was wonder if I can homeschool my kids while traveling to austria on the austrian guidelines and what’s the procedures?

  2. Hi Heba!
    Do you want to live in Austria?
    Then the first thing is that your children and you know the language german pretty well.Or you hire someone for your kids
    Hope that helps

  3. Hi, my family and I are whining about move to austria in a few years. My kids (3 and 2 years old) are now in a german school in Brasil. As austrians we think to move the country because of the modern educational system but than come my regards, is there any kind of e learning method or school to help parents that are not able to give a excellence education for their kids> Is there any kind of way to make kids go to school when we are staying in the country but e learning for when we are out?

    best regards,


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