Und solange er den Herrn suchte ,liess Gott es ihm gelingen 2.Chronik 26,5b


“Have you ever heard about public speakers, who give talks on the subject of succeeding in life? How to become prosperous and successful in whatever career you have chosen? They have multiple and varied strategies for how to accomplish your goals. How to become the “top of your game”. The big gun in business.

Often, there is much sense in what they say.

Often, it’s a whole lot of worldly nonsense, based on self esteem and self worth.

As followers of Christ, we, too, SHOULD want to be the best we can, and to prosper in the lives that God has called us to. However, as Psalm 1 reminds us, it’s not the world’s ways that we should be following after in order to “succeed”.

As I was reading through II Chronicles, I hit what we could call a “Biblical route to prosperity”.

Chapter 26 is giving us some history lessons on the life of Uzziah – the same King Uzziah we read of in Isaiah, and Zechariah. It’s a fascinating account of the successful reign that he had in Judah. Before we read of these successes, we are given the key to his prosperity. It’s a lesson we would all do well to remember.

” and as long as he sought the LORD, God made him to prosper.”

Yes, it’s as simple as that.

He sought the Lord.

One small word, so much depth to it.

When I looked up that word in Strong’s, it gave 3 significant aspects which would point us in the direction of its meaning.

“follow (for pursuit or search); by implication to seek or ask; specifically to worship:”

As we think about God prospering Uzziah, I believe that if WE follow the three areas involved in the meaning of “sought”, we, too, will prosper.


1. Follow

We can see that it specifically talks of pursuing and searching. We need firstly search in God’s word, to find out how we should be living our lives. How does God want us to walk? How does He want us to live? We need to daily seek out His truths and then proceed to obey its directives. Live it out on a daily basis. It talks of pursuing. Following after. We need to walk in the ways that Christ walked. Be like Him. Imitate Him. Of course, we can only do that if we seek His Word to find out what that walk should look like.


2. Seek or ask

Next, we have to ensure that our prayer life is healthy. We need to come to the Lord, daily, hourly, every moment, and ask for His help and strength to prosper in the day we are in. Prospering, not only in the physical and worldly gain sense, but in our spiritual lives and in our hearts. We need to have a constant communion with our Lord, talking with Him in the way, like the two on the road to Emmaus. As we walk along – in an everyday sort of way – we need to be talking with Him. Those instant and immediate prayers in time of need. Those pleas for help when things are tough. Those quiet “thank-yous” for the little things that bless us constantly. Seeking to be near His heart, by talking to Him.


3. Worship

In our busy lives, as we seek to accomplish much, one of the best things we can do is to take a step back and just acknowledge the greatness of God. Remember His goodness. Reflect on His mercies. Stand in awe at His majesty. Be filled with thankfulness for His grace. Confessing that we are nothing without God, and everything with Him.

IF we have all of this at the forefront of our lives, then we WILL prosper. It may not be an obvious material prosperity. It most certainly will be a prosperity in the things that matter. In the possessions of the heart and soul. In spiritual things. If we have a prosperity in this way, nothing else really matters.

Also, if we look further at the mean of prosperity, it means to “push forward”. We will be able to keep going – not to slip backwards, and not to stand still in our spiritual walk and in our lives – if we seek the Lord.

I pray that as we go through each day, above all else, we will seek the Lord, and so we will prosper.”


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